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Our Congregation

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Like many churches, RCPC has experienced fluctuations in membership. Our Presbytery requires an annual report be submitted at the end of each calendar year and RCPC makes a conscious effort to report an accurate portrait of our congregation. This report reflects deaths, arrival of new members, births, and transfers away from the church family. In recent years, the reporting format has been changed and simplified. In January 2014, the Session and the Board of Deacons launched a concerted effort to review our church rolls, eliminating reporting of inactive members, in order to establish an accurate accounting of our congregational membership. The 2014 Presbytery report reflected an active membership of 550 members.


            The 2019 Presbytery report reflects the following:


            AGE RANGE                                     COUNT

            -3                                                        20

            4-6                                                      27

            7-12                                                    49

            13-17                                                  30

            18-24                                                  51

            25-34                                                  77

            35-44                                                  61

            45-54                                                  59

            55-64                                                  87

            65-74                                                107

                  75+                                               99


            Total                                                   667


Note: 72 additional people were found with unknown birth dates.

2014 Review med res   004    DSC_8659.JPG
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