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With thanks to Mark Derbyshire

​​​The THUrsday Guy Sessions (Thugs for short) grew out of a men's ministry begun in 2010. The men's ministry, known as Menistry, started from a mutual desire of many men in the church to be mutually supportive of one another in faith, family, vocation, and other issues that arise uniquely for men. Starting with a study for the book entitled "Man in the Mirror" the menistry group identified the need for supporting men in our church. Out of this menistry effort the first small group of men formed and met in the upper classroom in the chapel, deciding to call themselves "Motur" or Men of the Upper Room. Some of the men originally in Motur include: Tom Alcoke, Wade Whitehead, Henry Schaefer, Mark Greenawald, Andy Travers, Josh Robinson, and Mark Derbyshire


Motur met for at least a year both in the Upper Room, but also had taken to meeting at the Community Inn where the waitress call us the bible guys. During that year we studied, led each other in discussions and provided mutual support to one another in our daily lives. Motur also asked itself how we could offer this experience to greater numbers of men in the church. It was thought to be a good idea to break off and have one of our members start a second group.


The second group began meeting in March of 2011 on a Thursday night, hence the Thursday Guy Sessions name. The Thugs continue to meet routinely - some years once every 2 weeks, other years weekly. We endeavor to support one another and allow time each week to check in on each man's prayer and practical needs. As often as not, the discussion provides an opportunity to share in both joys and sorrows.  We have come to also have some book or reading that uplifts, broadens or deepens our faith and life together.  Selections may be faith-based and in some years we have followed the church-wide studies. Most selections are not necessarily faith-based but help us to grow as men, husbands, and friends.  Below is a list of books the Thugs have read:


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

The Great Divorce by CS Lewis

The Hidden Wound by Wendell Berry

The Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley

The Shack by William Young

The Bible's Yes to Same Sex Marriage by Mark Achtemeirer

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

And countless more over these past 10 years.


Although we are the only men's group continuing to meet, we would welcome any man interested in joining the group so that he would not walk his journey alone. Men currently meeting in the Thugs include Chris Shaver, Matt Arnold, Dave McFarland, Dave Ralston, Ron Kemnitzer, Dick Jones, and Mark Derbyshire.

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