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RCPC Ministry and Mission

     The church had twenty-one people in Session, but a new model was instituted that reduced that number and handed much of the Mission work to the Board of Deacons. That Board began to focus on local and world missions, including mission trips. Relationships were built, especially with people in Haiti.

     A huge change began with a weekend Mission Conference in February 1992. Directors of various programs around the Valley spoke of their needs and made the congregation aware of ways to help. This led to such programs as two cents a meal and alternative Christmas gifts. There have been several Mission Fairs since that time, and the congregation’s participation in various organizations has helped the church follow Jesus’ example of helping others while filling needs in our own congregation as well as our community.





Wrapped in Love

By Leslie Baldwin

Wrapped in Love began in 2008 with Maureen Castern as leader. The group planned to provide baby quilts for each baby baptized at RCPC and to knit or crochet afghans and prayer shawls to be given to those facing major life challenges. Two years later, Maureen and her husband Jon moved to Michigan, and Leslie Baldwin agreed to try to fill her shoes.

Our focus remains the same. For baptisms, a quilt with a personalized label (stitched by Mary Lou Prillaman) is presented to each baptized baby. Older children or adults receive fleece blankets or prayer shawls. The God Alive students decorate bags for presentation. Swift Print provides a poster of welcome.


Yarn and pattern books are still provided for members to knit or crochet prayer shawls. These are stored at church and available for delivery to those we know suffering from illness, loss, or other challenges. June Paxton and Marilyn Martin make most of our quilts. Many of our knitters have moved away, but Leslie Baldwin continues to create new afghans. We welcome others to our group!


Wrapped in Love hopes to help people feel wrapped in the love of God and our RCPC family.

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