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RCPC Preschool

With thanks to Betsy Prillaman


Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church Preschool was established to provide a ministry to the preschool age children of this church and our community. At RCPC Preschool, our staff works together to lovingly guide our children through a program of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental growth. We introduce our children to the wonder of God through God’s creations. We also teach them the importance of love, tolerance, and cooperation as ways to respond to God's love. 


Through a warm, accepting climate and well-planned curriculum, our preschool gives children a natural transition from home to school. Each child is encouraged to grow in independence as well as in social development and in the development of his or her own unique talents and abilities. Special attention is given to help each child develop, respect for others, a sense of self-worth, effective working habits and a desire to learn.


Ministry and Mission

Through the Preschool, RCPC provides a Christian ministry to the community without regard for religious belief, gender, class, race, family structure or national origin.  Christian nurture is an intentional part of the program. Its mission is to:


Provide an age appropriate program and curriculum to prepare young children academically and socially for the transition from home to K-12 school.

Provide an environment of caring, acceptance, discipline and security.

Provide chapel time with a Pastor and/or a Director of Christian Education for all students once a week during the school year.

Offer experiences which are not restricted to, or exclusive of Biblical content.  The object of including Christian content is not to teach doctrine but to expose preschoolers to Christian values and stories.



In September 1967, a Preschool Program for physically handicapped children opened as an outreach ministry of Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church. This program met twice a week, and started with seven enrolled students. Enrollment grew to 20 children in 1969 with a staff of three. Nowhere else in Roanoke or in the outlying areas was there known to be a preschool program of this nature. In the 1970’s, this program became the REACH Program in the Roanoke City Schools.


In April 1980, the church’s Session approved a weekday, preschool program in the church. In September 1980, there were three classes, 32 students, and three teachers. On December 22, 1980, the preschool was made a permanent part of the church’s education program. 



We strongly believe that age-appropriateness needs to coincide with both learn-through-play and academic philosophies. Our program allows each child to remain an active learner by providing hands-on learning, exploration, problem-solving and reflection. Learning materials and teaching styles are responsive to the age and individual differences of children. We see the importance of learning through play and of learning important socialization skills, while acknowledging that academic instruction in the older classes is necessary to adequately prepare our students for the leap into kindergarten. 



All Church approved activity is the responsibility of the Session; therefore, the Preschool is wholly accountable to the Session of RCPC. The Session exercises its responsibility through the Administration, Finance, and Preschool committees.


The Preschool Committee is to be composed of six voting members and six ex-officio members.


It is recommended that members of the preschool committee do not have immediate family members either enrolled or employed at the school. This does not include the Parent representative and at times the Teacher Representative. If the best candidates for the committee do have a conflict of interest, it can be voted on by the committee to elect them regardless of the conflict.

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